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I think I went well because I had a lot of information done. I was very very nervous. Next time I would speak lower because I good some comments that said I need to speak a little louder. I learnt that the ej WHITTEN foundation is a foundation were they give money to men with porsate cancer and they find cuwers.

This is my power point Power point

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I am doing the EJ Whitten FOUNDTION for re
1) Why do/did they do what they do?

2) Why are they good role models of people who take their vocation seriously?

3) What gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit do they show? Why/How?

4) Is there any other information you would like to add?


I went to 6 workshops and I am going to share what I have learnt.

FOR BAPTISM I learnt at in baptism you get blest with holy spirt. The priest asks you your name then you get water on your head. Your are welcomed into the catholic family. Baptism is from Greek. Group feedback Eddy did all the taking and Charlie said nothing.

FOR RECONCILIATION I learnt that you are forgived for your sins. So how it happens is the priest asks you to came and sit down with him and you are forgived. It is from Island. It is all about forgiveness. Some symbols. To hands shaking, a cross two people sitting down [A priest and a kid]

FOR EUCHARIST I went to Oline’s and Jordy’s workshop. I learnt that Eucharist is about sacrifice, eating the holy meal for the first time, getting wine and bread for the first time can be called the blood and body. It is also about reaming Jesus. A story for reconciliation is the last supper. Some symbols bread, wine, cross, candle. Feedback oline did all the talking and Jordy needs to talk louder.

FOR CONFMATION I went to I went to Abbey’s and Anne’s workshop. I learnt that confirmation is about to confirm you still want to be in the Catholic family. You get a saint name. You usually get it when you are a teenager. It is one of the three sacraments of initiation. The saint name you get becomes your second middle name. Some symbols are cross, dove, candle and flame.

FOR MARRIAGE: I went to Tom’s and Hunter’s workshop. I learnt that when you go to a wedding they have a ceremony. At the ceremony you sign paper and get wedding rings. You put it on your third finger on your left hand because the Romans’ believe that you have a nerve that isconnecte3d to your heart. In England and Wakes in 2011 there were 247,890 weddings. That is one every two minutes. Because of all the weddings there was a divorce every 4.5 minutes.

FOR HOLY ORDERS: I learnt that Holy Orders are steps to becoming a Pope. First you become a deacon, and then you become a priest then a Bishop. Then if you are lucky you can become a Pope. You can’t get married when you do Holy Orders you become one step closer to God. The reason they do Holy Orders is to make people more like Jesus disciples. Jesus started Holy Orders. Some symbols are a stole, a cross and a priest’s cloak.

FOR ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: I went to Riley and Lachie’s workshop. I learnt that we get anointing of the sick before we die. It helps you die happier. You get it when you are very, very sick. The first time anointing of the sick happened was 2000 years ago. The first person do give anointing of the sick was Jesus. You get it at church or if you are too sick the priest will come to you.


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